IIT JEE Prelims
When students appear for JEE online test series, they are simulating the real-life exam hall situation. Solving these papers is a great way to frame the mindset for JEE 2019. It pushes students to think out-of-the-box and comes across situations that might not be apparent otherwise. It adds a particular pressure on the students and forces them to handle such a situation in real-time. Most students believe that solving mock test papers is only about understanding the exam pattern. Even though this preconception is mostly right, but it is not just about that. When students appear in JEE online test series from Aakash, they open avenues to new ways of solving a problem. Students may find new, exciting and faster ways of applying concepts to a problem
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Features of Prelims Test Series

Similar Exam Simulation

Practice Tests on Mock Framework similar to actual exam.

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Get quality & relevant questions by ALLEN's renowned faculties.

Test Reports & Feedbacks

Get insightful analysis to improve time management, reduce mistakes, increase score.